Oakland – after the violence

Thank you Mother Jones – this is a beautiful video of what’s happening in Oakland after the violent clash between protestors and police. Even if you’ve seen many videos of Oakland already, this is worth watching:



Injured Oakland protestor getting brain surgery

Scott Olsen, the 24-year old ex-Marine who was injured in the Oakland protests this week is about to have brain surgery. I found this out from an article in Boing Boing, of all places, which quoted The Guardian.  I see that President Obama is saying the usual banalities, that he understands the frustration of the Occupy movement, while stressing the need to uphold the law. What the hell?!

These protestors are unarmed, peaceful, and mostly completely law-abiding, with the exceptions being things like marching in the street instead of staying on the sidewalk, or, say, sleeping in a park. No one is burning cars or throwing molotov cocktails like they have in Italy, for chrissake. Meanwhile the police are showing up in riot gear, using pepper spray and teargas liberally and offensively.

And why is The Guardian, a BRITISH paper, the most thorough and updated source for information about protests happening in our own country??

Meanwhile, Michael Moore is heading to Oakland now to “stand with the Occupy Oakland against the out-of-control police.”

Occupy Oakland: Kittens vs. Teargas

this is reposted from Washington’s CityPaper, a good view of the difference between what’s going on in the street and what has been much of the mainstream media’s reporting of it, although I was surprised and happy to see that The New York Times has some great coverage of the Occupy Oakland’s clash with police on Tuesday night as well as the arrests at Occupy Atlanta, and they do the commendably thorough job we expect from the Times; thank you NYT, for doing your job!

Oakland Police Love Kittens, Teargas

Posted by Shani Hilton on Oct. 26, 2011 at 9:50 am

Last night I was following along with the #occupyoakland tweets from some folks who were at the protest in Northern California. One attendee—a journo-cartoonist (yes, that is a thing, yes, it is awesome) I’ve edited in the past named Susie Cagle—even tweeted as she was being teargassed and later posted a short video:

Funny enough, this morning the Post’s print coverage of the events last night amounted to an AP picture of your friendly local Oakland police officer petting a kitten and a headline which read: “Protesters Wearing Out Their Welcome Nationwide.”

Note: The digital edition coverage is better.

Photo by Shani Hilton