LIVE! Livestreaming from today’s Anti-Fracking Rally at St John the Divine in NYC!

1pm-3pm Eastern Time, TODAY

Cross your fingers it all works with the Cathedral’s connectivity (theirs is more divine than electronic, shall we say?) and we get to broadcast live. Otherwise, it will be recorded and broadcast after.

Here’s hoping!


Anti-Fracking Rally today 1pm NYC

This anti-fracking rally is happening today!

Have you seen St. John the Divine? It’s the largest cathedral in the world, breathtaking, beautiful.

1-3pm at St John the Divine, 110th St & Amsterdam, NYC!

Hop on the 1 train, 110th st stop

(or you can take the B/C trains to 110th & Central Park West, and walk a few blocks west)

I hope to see you there!


Officer Friendly

My second day at the Occupy Wall Street protests, on September 21, 2011, which is Day 5 of the protest in NYC. No arrests have been made at this point. I was down there shooting video of the mostly quiet streets, and ran into this very friendly policeman, who asked me what was my definition of hypocrisy. Love the part where he says some people don’t like cops; “if I wanted to be loved, I shoulda been a fireman.”

It’s very quiet in the financial hub of the world, lots of barricades and empty streets – sort of eerie, almost like a ghost town in some areas. There were WAY more cops than protestors; maybe a few dozen demonstrators and at least four times that many police.

My cousin is a cop in Seattle, and I have seen some of the pressures of his job and the complexities of situations involving cops and large numbers of people, such as protests, so I have sympathy for policemen – I know I would not want to be a member of the NYPD right now, that’s for sure. They are mostly just folks trying to get by, like the rest of us, and not getting paid all that much to be shot at, screamed at and hated while putting their lives on the line to protect us. However, there’s a douchebag in every crowd, and that goes for crowds of law enforcers as well as demonstrators.

OUT with Tim Gunn

Okay, Tim Gunn just won the prize for all-time nicest celebrity. MAN, he’s nice. So elegant, stylish, dignified… and extremely REAL, which is to say, he’ll speak like a real person (read: pleasant and considerate) with everyone from the coffee-fetching production assistant to Heidi Klum.  We were interviewing him for an OUT magazine feature, and here he is talking about this year’s fashion’s night out and fashion week’s controversial move to Lincoln Center.  See the feature at OUT magazine, below:

OUT with Brad Goreski

Superfun – got to meet Brad Goreski, stylist and assistant to Rachel Zoe. I mean, former assistant. He left the show but they remain close – he was even there for the birth of her baby (now that’s intimate!)  Sounds like he’s been very busy since leaving the show – when he’s not attending fashion shows, he’s writing a book, “Born to be Brad: Life and Style Lessons from the Front Lines of Fashion,” working on his new tv show for Bravo called, “It’s a Brad Brad World,” which has “a Brad that you’re very familiar with and a Brad that you don’t really know,” and yes, a lot of outfits.

To see the article in OUT magazine – click on the pic:

Brad's happy to be free from Rachel Zoe - and his shirt

OUT with Nicolas Ripoll

Okay, I know I keep saying these guys are cute – but c’mon! It’s fashion week; I’m surrounded by astonishingly beautiful people! Nicolas Ripoll not the least of them. He is a young Argentinian model who is as sweet as he is good-looking. And unassuming – his mom and sister made him send his pictures to a modeling agency; he was working as a regular guy before that. Aw!

OUT with Nicola Formichetti

As a vegetarian, I found Lady Gaga’s famous meat dress fairly disturbing on several levels. But, I appreciate the originality and sheer technical feat of accomplishment of draping all that raw flesh on Gaga’s raw flesh, and making it work for several hours as a dress.  Bizarre, and amazing! Nicola Formichetti is Gaga’s stylist and he worked with Gaga designer Franc Fernandez on both the meat dress AND the consumer version – a meat shirt. And yes, it’s the vegan version; a pattern of photographed meat printed on soft, quality cotton. Cheaper, easier to wear, and far longer-lasting than the original.

Read the article at OUT magazine here:

OUT with Daisuke Obana N. Hoolywood

Japanese designer Daisuke Obana put together a really cool show for this season’s N Hoolywood line, reflecting his longtime fascination with old Hollywood. The screen backdrop looks like film credits and he uses movie soundtracks to dramatize his cinematic display of tightly designed men’s clothing.

OUT with Duckie Brown

Okay, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver may be amazing designers, but their real talent is being the cutest couple EVER. Seriously. They should have their own show. We shot this interview backstage after their Duckie Brown show at Fall Fashion Week NYC. I’m voting for a Duckie Brown reality show – for real!

OUT magazine’s photo and article below (click on the pic):


We caught-up with Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, the playfully quarrelsome team behind Duckie Brown explain the inspirations behind their spring 2012 show. Check out the madcap duo in action below.

OUT in bed with Alejandro Ingelmo

Alejandro Ingelmo is a Cuban-American shoe designer, and did I mention he’s supercute? Very charming too, and great taste in shoes.  During Fall Fashion Week in NYC he climbed in bed at Manhattan’s Jumeirah Essex House with OUT Magazine editors Grant Woolhead and Brent Coover to talk about this year’s lineup and I got it all on video….

Read the OUT magazine coverage here (click on picture):

Shoe designer Alejandro Ingelmo