Beautiful French-singing subway musician

I love this man! Hard to say which I loved more, this man’s beautiful smile, his French singing or his infectious percussion on his xylophone-y thing. Is that a xylophone? Need I say it? THIS is why I love New York!!

The music was so bouncy I could barely hold the camera still.


THIS is MY church!

This is a trailer for a pilot I did for VH1, called THIS IS MY CHURCH, about the spirituality and community of live music.  We shot fans, bands, roadies, live concerts – with Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes, Ben Harper, Blues Traveler, Charlie Hunter and more…it was a big dream of mine to somehow translate the incredible experience I was having at live shows and bring that experience, somehow, to the folks at home. (My family just could NOT understand why I would go see the same band over and over, and why I would actually travel across the country for these shows!)

Unfortunately, the producers at VH1 who had been so enthusiastic about the show and who had encouraged and supported the project, ended up leaving the network in a massive executive shuffle right after I completed the pilot. This is not unusual in Hollywood, nor is the practice of the new staff ditching the projects of the folks who’ve left. So, nothing ended up happening with it.  Sigh…!
However, it keeps coming back to life – seems to be really resonate with folks all over! Who knows what, if anything, will happen with it – you never know!