OUT in BED with Ford Models

OUT in bed with Ford models

THIS was a fun day – OUT magazine got a room at the fancypants Jumeirah Essex House hotel on Central Park South, and invited some models and designers over to interview them – IN BED!

These two guys are Ford models, and they were absolutely hot, like beyond. Like, Photoshopped humans. The dark-haired one (Matthew Terry) was fresh off the farm, very new to the city and the modeling world, and you could just see he was oh so innocent… wonder how long it will take for that green to tarnish in the sophisticated world of modeling – hoooeey!!

You might recognize the other model, Bart (his last name has an impossible consonant-to-vowel ratio), from the 2xist show video I shot on opening night of Fashion Week. Both are up-and-coming male models, the next hot thing – you saw them here first! (well, almost first, but who’s counting…)



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